Buff and Hensman, F.A.I.A.

Buff and Hensman, F.A.I.A.
7529 Mulholland Drive, Hollywood Hills, CA 90046

DOMUS SOLARIS, 1975 - That the life enhancing exhilarating power of great architecture has nothing to do with size is proven and experienced here at Domus Solaris. Carefully drawn across the highest ridge above Mulholland, Donald Hensman's, personal residence each day recalls the experience of ascending the mountain. Access appears blocked from below, but then through the hidden cleft, stairs lead upward. The pool, like a small lake at the base of the summit is crossed over by a bridge. There is pristine shelter at the top, with panoramic views of both the Valley and Hollywood through the broad Nichols Canyon. Interiors are one space for living indoors-outdoors in freedom and privacy on top of the world and beneath the sun. What is unequivocally one of the City's most desirable hideaway pad is now available for lease.

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