David Ming Li Lowe, Architect

David Ming Li Lowe, Architect
1955 1/2 Purdue Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025

The architect's own home built in 1990, is a masterpiece of residential design utilizing industrial technology and components. The success of this work was underscored when the A.I.A. as part of its 1994 centenary celebrations, selected this project as one of the nation's 100 most important. While receiving accolades for its design, with its aesthetic references to the work of Charles Eames and Pierre Chareau, and for incorporating damper springs into the foundation to protect the house from earthquakes like modern skyscrapers, the property also expanded land use concepts. Technically a condominium, Ming-Li Lowe created what is effectively 2 single family residences on a R-2 lot. Private patio/garden and teahouse.

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