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Belmont, Queen of Castries
Lastic Hill, Castries, Saint Lucia, W.I


A Rare 19th century Creole great house standing on 8-1/2 acres in St Lucia. This stately and gracious Island residence is set within a lush and vibrant park-like nature preserve overlooking Castries Harbor.

Marmol Radziner, Architect
7 Painted Feather, Las Vegas, NV 89135


If one only relied on Lao Tzu's claim "The excellence of a dwelling is in its site." all would be said in regard to the Murren Residence.

Elizabeth Moule and Stefanos Polyzoides, Architects
1414 N Harper Ave #8, West Hollywood, CA 90046


Los Angeles has a long and distinguished history of urban courtyard housing. Strangely, almost no such courtyards have been built in Los Angeles since the early 1930’s. In 2000, Elizabeth Moule and Stefanos Polyzoides, Architects and Urbanists, revived the tradition of courtyard housing at Harpe

The Krasne Residence, 1956
1575 Queens Road, Los Angeles, CA 90069


This ideal So-Cal Modern indoor/outdoor lifestyle by post-war U.S.C. architect Nisan Yale Matlin, A.I.A. is carefully updated in the spirit of the style over a thoughtful 10 year period by architectural designer Darrick F. Martin.

Sharpless Studio / Residence
1505 Viewsite Terrace, Los Angeles, CA 90069


According to architectural historian David Gebhard: "The high point of architecture and design in the L.A. area occurred in 1939 and 1940".

William Turnbull, Jr., FAIA
301 Chinquapin Lane, The Sea Ranch, CA 95497


William Turnbull, Jr. (with Charles Moore, Donlyn Lyndon, and Richard Whitaker) created the masterplan of the ecologically-designed 10-mile coastal stretch known as The Sea Ranch.

Canyon House, 1959
780 Latimer Road, Santa Monica, CA 90402


Perhaps no other microclimate in Los Angeles fosters the cool, lush treed landscape of the San Francisco Bay area as that found in Rustic Canyon.

The Henry O. Bollman Residence, 1922
1530 North Ogden Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90046


By the early 1920’s Lloyd Wright had accumulated significant experience in theatre, music, landscape, and architectural design.

The Samuel Goodwin Residence, 1941
3807 Reklaw Drive, Studio City, CA 91604


The Lachs House, 1958
2718 Claray Drive, Bel Air, CA 90077


Reminiscent of Case Study House #16, The Lachs House designed by Rodney Walker offers the feeling of modern elegance, clean lines, and an interior that effortlessly connects man and nature.

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