Lloyd Wright

The Henry O. Bollman Residence, 1922

1530 North Ogden Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90046

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By the early 1920’s Lloyd Wright had accumulated significant experience in theatre, music, landscape, and architectural design. Working associations with his father, Olmsted and Olmsted, Irving Gill, Rudolph Schindler, and Norman Bel Geddes all contributed by this time to his personal vision of a new architecture which would integrate his total experience.

In his second commission, designed for Henry Bollman, this integrated vision is expressed through an innovative building system utilizing pre-cast concrete blocks to augment standard construction techniques. The massing of the blocks themselves firmly unites ground and structure, as well as imparting an almost temple-like feeling to the façade. Style elements draw from theatrical and Mesoamerican precedents which, when translated into the interiors, impart a sense of drama and intimacy.

Anchor of the newly created Sunset Square Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, the Bollman Residence has already earned two covers of Architectural Digest, and with recent improvements by the current owner could even deserve a third.
Improvements have made the residence more functional; better serving modern lifestyles with a newer kitchen and baths, and an expansion of living space, as drawn by Wright, into what was the attached garage.

The living room and formal dining room open out to a private patio surrounded by a tropical landscape with plantings such as Monstera Deliciosa, Trumpet Vine, and Black Bird of Paradise which Wright himself may well have specified. The residence incorporates 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, formal dining room, gardens and outdoor entertaining deck.

Area: 2518 sq. ft.
Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 2

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