Crosby Doe: "Like art, architecture inspires me. The uplifting experience of great architecture compels me to want to share the
Laboratories for Living by Nicholas Olsberg Nothing seems to get the juices of architects flowing more freely, nor tempt them
On the Work of Ladd & Kelsey, Architects by Pierluigi Serraino Midcentury modern in California came to age due to
Bethlehem Baptist Church A Sacred Island in the City of the Automobile R.M. Schindler, Architect by Pierluigi Serraino Much is
'The House in the Garden' and the Lauck House, 1950 The Post World War II American suburb and the Museum
Fifty Years for a Refrain A New Vision for Pierre Koenig's West Coastal Design The Henbest-Birkett Residence, 1966-2011 by Andrea
Greene & Greene, Architects Adaptation and Perseverence The Bolton/Culbertson House by Mimi Zeiger The Bolton/Culbertson House in Pasadena wears its
The Kambara House In Neutra's Silver Lake Colony by Barbara Lamprecht Photos (2014) by Cameron Carothers It is rare to
Soaring Space: John Lautner's Silvertop by Frank Escher Photos by Cameron Carothers In a booklet that client Kenneth Reiner and
Yucca Valley, California Pedigree: Fast-rising Los Angeles architecture studio Oller & Pejic collaborated with Marc Atlan, a creative director, to