Wall Street Journal: The Millard House

Photography by Central Meridian Photography

‘Collect It’ section
– Frank Lloyd Wright’s Millard House –
Part of a venture into modular housing by the venerable architect, 1923’s Millard House (which Wright himself referred to as ‘La Miniatura’ – a label to describe his fondness for the house) was created from concrete blocks, each featuring a carved cross and square pattern, in a style he believed would lower the cost of home construction while retaining delicacy and beauty. The 4,230-square-foot, sale through Crosby Doe Associates for $4,495,000 – offers a rare opportunity to lay claim to a unique piece of Wright history. The house, located in Pasadena, California was originally built for book dealer Alice Millard for $17,000. Wright once said, ‘I would rather have built this little house than St. Peter’s in Rome’.

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