By Kathryn M. Before he became a monolithic figure in American architecture, John Lautner’s first significant solo project was a
By PMC When legendary architect John Lautner moved to Los Angeles in 1939 and completed his first building, architectural critic Henry-Russell Hitchcock
By Jessica Ritz A lesser-known yet important piece of L.A. modern architectural heritage is newly available for sale. John Lautner's
By Claudine Zap The only residence that the legendary architect John Lautner ever built for himself has come on the
By Pauline O'Connor In the late 1940s, after being impressed by the three houses he had produced under the auspices
R. Daniel Foster Growing up in the home of a renowned architect — one who designed four Case Study Houses
By Lisa Boone Years before John Lautner crafted the futuristic Chemosphere house overlooking Mulholland Drive and the Bob Hope house in Palm Springs, the celebrated architect
By Peter Haldeman In case you are not among her several thousand followers on social media, Susan Orlean has been
By Jack Flemming. In Brentwood, a Spanish-style ranch with a star-studded past has sold for $5.219 million – more than
Market Differentiation: The key to building value, and the preservation of architecture. Forum with Crosby Doe, CEO of Crosby Doe