Former Home of Late Venetian Artist John Baldessari Sells for $3.9 Million

John Baldessari

By Dolores Quintana

The renovated Craftsman home at 2623 3rd St in Santa Monica, CA sold for slightly over its listed price. John Baldessari originally purchased the single-family, 3 bedroom, two bathroom home, built-in 1903, in 1990 for $660,000.

After ten years, the artist sought the design skills of two prominent architects to modernize the house, bringing more light, space, and creative energy into the house while still maintaining the home’s classic Craftsman design. Additional windows and skylights were added to increase the available light for the artist’s work. The back of the house was built out and a kitchen and library were added in the new space. Baldessari also hired a designer, Roy McMakin, to custom-build new furniture, some of which were available for sale with the house. In the end, the living space of the home was increased to 2,798 square feet.

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