Curbed Los Angeles: J.L. Frank’s Luckenbach House

By Pauline O'Connor Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument No. 191, the Luckenbach House was designed by architect J.L. Frank for businessman James S. Luckenbach in 1888. In 1902, the Queen Anne-style Victorian in Angelino Heights was converted into a hospital dedicated to serving the city’s Jewish community, earning it spot in a mural on the side of Canter’s Delicatessen chronicling Jewish life and...

Mark Magazine, April-May 2010

Agent 90210 by Katya Tylevich Robert E. Bacon was an architect at Craig Ellwood before becoming a broker in the sale of houses featured in history books. "I have a grudging respect for architects who can persuade clients to build their designs" - Robert E. Bacon   "Much good anonymous architecture is never accorded its due" - Robert E....

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