John Jacob Matthes


About John Jacob Matthes

A transplant to Pasadena from San Diego, John relocated in 1989 to attend Art Center College of Design where he was awarded a Master’s of Fine Art degree. John is an expert in marketing historic and architectural properties and holds his fiduciary responsibility to his clients in the utmost regard. With real world experience as the founder and principal of Carciofi and Jinglehyme, he successfully united residential real estate development and design; bringing revitalization to local neighborhoods and blighted historic properties through thoughtful renovation and redevelopment. He was awarded “Best Residential Rehabilitation” for work on 1290 Rancheros Rd. by the city of Pasadena in 2014.

John owns and manages short-term vacation rentals in Pasadena, The Sea Ranch, and Sonoma Wine Country. His prior tenure in the marketing and communications wing of the global institutional investing giant The Capital Group Companies, allowed him to develop broad knowledge of printed and digital media. With this knowledge, he has developed sophisticated marketing tools and programs for selling homes in all economic climates. A long-term resident of the Arroyo, John currently resides in Old Pasadena and has had personal stake in properties located in Prospect Park, Madison Heights, San Rafael, South Orange Grove, South Lake, Eagle Rock, Culver City, The Sea Ranch and San Diego. He is a member of Pasadena Heritage, West Pasadena Residents Association and The Legacy Circle, a group of Art Center alumni dedicated to raising funds for student scholarships.

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